Brand Philosophy

We believe the best laundry service is the bridging gap between the finestfashion and lifestyle. Laundry is more than a need than a luxury; the right laundry service helps you express your style with confidence. That’s what we do at FUF, we value customizing our services to customers’ needs above all else. Unlike any other service providers, at FUF you can talk face-to-face with a laundry specialist interested in getting to know you and your lifestyle needs.

Fresh up Fabric, FUF is a Unit of SERVEVOLVE – ‘Evolved to Serve’. As our lag line specifies we are evolved to servepeople around with the basic needs. In todays fast paced life we understand your priorities and needs and that’s why we are born.

FUF since from its inception has grown to a one-stop garment shop attracting the likes of stylists, fashion designers, celebs and more. FUF has regularly accepted commercial clients, we are partnered withTAJ, GINGER, Punarnava, Paragon group and many more. But whether working for a neighborhood local or a big business, FUF continues to keep immaculate service as its core. 

To elevate people – Our employees, customers, vendors and the community at large, through our work, ideology, and positivity and create a better world for all stake holders.